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We are an auto-switch energy service. We constantly monitor your gas and electric and ensure that you are always on the cheapest deal. We'll compare the best energy tariffs and carry out every switch on your behalf.

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We'll check for the best energy tariff every quarter and switch you automatically every time we find you a better energy deal.

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No more lengthy phone calls, or waiting on hold

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Automatic switching

Switch every time you can save, no need to wait until you have the time to deal with it

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We will take care of issues with your energy suppliers

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Your gas & electricity bills will always the lowest they can be

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We continually monitor your energy tariff and automatically switch you to the cheapest, saving you time, frustration and lots of money.

We constantly monitor your energy tariff to see whether you can take advantage of a lower rate and switch you to it. Between each review, we continually track market fluctuations so if another supplier brings out a better deal, we would auto-switch you again at that point too.

What kind of savings will you make?

We save many of our customers over £350* per annum, but it depends on the size of house, number of occupants and the energy market fluctuations.

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We constantly monitor your energy tariffs and auto-switch you to the cheapest supplier saving you money.


Average saving per annum

What exactly is the service you offer?

Years experience in the energy market has taught us that even when individuals took the time to switch to a cheaper supplier, their savings were insignificant because energy prices changed and their savings could have been dramatically increased. We therefore designed a system which makes sure that you not only move to the best tariff but you continue to stay on the best tariff.

Energy Witch is a switching and monitoring facility but it is our service which makes it unique. We switch you to the cheapest supplier and then continue to monitor the market – should there be a cheaper rate at any later date, we will inform you and carry out further switches on your behalf.

How is this service free?

We receive a small commission from suppliers and therefore there are no charges to you. We are totally impartial and switch you to the tariff that will work out cheapest for you.


Is there a transition period, will I get cut off?

No. You will not notice any changes to your supply. The only difference is your bills will be coming from someone else.


Does someone have to come to my house?

No, a home visit will not be required at any stage of the switchover.

Energy Witch was created to offer consumers an energy management service so they had more control over their gas and electricity.

We found that many consumers stayed on the same tariff for years because they didn’t know if they were paying a good rate or an expensive rate, most thought it was probably ‘okay’ but the prospect of switching was just too daunting or time consuming.

So we set up Energy Witch to take over managing our customers energy supply. We identified cheaper tariffs, did the switch, liaised with energy suppliers (yes, we have spent many hours on hold!) – all on behalf of our customers. All they had to do was read their meter from time to time and that was it! Then we kept checking the market and kept switching them if their current supplier raised prices or if better deals became available.

Thousands of consumers have since signed up with Energy Witch and have not looked back. We have significantly reduced gas and electricity bills for those who weren’t sure how to switch or if they did, never got around to it as often as they should. Word spread when the ‘saver savvy’ community realised they could save even more through continual monitoring and switching than if they just did it themselves.

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"I joined Energy Witch in October 2011 thinking this was 'too good to be true,' but I have been delighted. They have switched me 3 times since then saving me £499.13 in October, a further £245.32 in February and an even further £357.55 in July. Energy Witch has saved me a total of £1,102.00 so far this year."


"Thank you Energy Witch for doing the job for me that I always meant to get round to doing myself. We have made significant savings this year in financial terms, as well as achieving peace of mind knowing that we are no longer paying over the odds for our energy supply. Your service is efficient and reliable. To my mind - joining is a no brainer!"


"Brilliant! Just can’t understand why no one else is providing this service...thank you."


"It’s time someone played the energy suppliers at their own game. Before joining Energy Witch would sign up to what I thought was a good tariff, but then a few months later would get a letter telling me that they have increased their prices. You just switched me away."


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