Switch my energy – FAQ’s

Read the FAQ’s on how your energy switch actually works.                                           
Answers on how we switch your energy suppliers and ensure you are kept on the cheapest tariffs.

What kind of savings will you make?

Our goal is that you have cheap energy bills. We expect to be able to save you on average £350 per annum.

Are you cheaper than comparison websites?

We use similar software and offer the same plans. However our service is not just about getting the cheapest tariff, it’s about making sure that you continue to stay on the best tariff, by making sure we switch your energy when your tariff increases.

We do it all for you.

How do you work to find the right plan to look after my bills?

We have invested in our own software and have access to the vast majority of the supplier plans.

We are fully independent and we will therefore always choose the best plan for you.

How often do you expect to switch to a different supplier?

Between 1 and 6 times per year – it is totally dependent upon your usage and energy tariffs available month by month.

What if I change my mind?

You can terminate our agreement at any time, with 14 days written notice. With the new supplier, there is a 14 day cooling off period.

You just need to notify the supplier that you wish to terminate the Supply Agreement.

Will I need to contact my new supplier?

No. Once we have changed you over, your new supplier will then contact you within 10 – 14 days. They inform your old supplier of the switch.

Is there anything I need to be aware of when you switch?

The old supplier will take a final read of your meter, in order to determine the exact amount that is owed to them.

They may have underestimated your usage and you will have to pay them the balance or in some circumstances, you may be owed a slight rebate.

How can I be sure that I am not billed twice?

Your new supplier will only start charging you from the switch date. You can be confident that you will not pay twice for the same thing.

After the switch date, you should contact your bank and cancel any Direct Debits or standing orders you have set up to pay your old supplier.

Am I in a contract with my current supplier?

An energy contract usually lasts for 28 days which can be cancelled by giving notice. This happens automatically when the new supplier informs the current supplier that they are taking over your supply.

When the switch takes place, you will receive a final bill from your old supplier up until the date of the switch.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I am in a fixed tariff with my current supplier?

Under most circumstances, you will not have to pay a cancellation fee to your current supplier.

However, there are some exceptions; fixed plans may include a cancellation penalty. The cancellation fee is usually between £30 and £50. However, this is taken into account when we estimate your savings.

Will I get cut off?

No. You will not notice any changes to your supply. The only difference is your bills will be coming from someone else.

How do I know you have carried out a review?

Whenever we carry out a review (every quarter) we will inform you of the outcome. So even if there no switch worth making, you will still be confident that your energy bills are being monitored.

Ready to make the switch?

We will make sure to look after your bills and switch your energy whenever we find a better deal. Compare best energy tariffs and switch your energy today!

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